Discover Valuatic, the successor of EOSCE…

Discover Valuatic, the successor of EOSCE…

Discover Valuatic, the successor of eOSCE…

EOSCE is a simple and efficient system to enable practical medical examinations (especially OSCEs) to be carried out without resorting to paper checklists. Assessments using our system are quicker to evaluate and have less erroneous or missing data. Our research also shows that examiners prefer using our examination client over paper checklists and that students aren’t graded differently than when using traditional assessment methods.Our EOSCE system consists of three components. There is an easy to use iPad app which enables examiners to assess the candidates performance. Then there is a macOS desktop app which is used to schedule and prepare the examination data. Finally there is a mobile iPhone app that can be used to monitor the examination state and alerts the administrator in case of any technical problems. All examination data is digitally encrypted and stored securely and reliably on a server.

Try the Apps on the App Store

OSCE-Eval and OSCE-Track Apps are available as a free download on the Apple App Store. We would like to invite you to try them out for yourself!

EOSCE Exam Lifecycle

The illustration below shows which components are used during which phases of an electronic examination
(preparation, execution and evaluation).


EOSCE Requirements